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The walls of the eternal Jerusalem at sunset. Warm evening light illuminates the ancient walls and Tower of David

Born in Israel... Serving the World

Patra Travel is Israel’s oldest travel enterprise, with a distinguished history that predates the founding of the state of Israel.

Established in 1934 by Mr. Joseph Greiver, the company is headed today by his son, Gad Greiver, and his grandson Reem Greiver.
This continuity plays a strong role in defining our identity while reinforcing our reputation for stability and reliability.

With headquarters in Tel Aviv and branches in Jerusalem and Haifa, we are structured for flexibility and performance. Our dedication to upgrading professional performance is evidenced by our participation in international forums and we are members of the Israeli Tourist & Travel Association, IATA, COTAL, UFTTA, ASTA & AFTA.

Our experience indicates that businessmen have specific needs with regards to their travel arrangements:
1) Tight schedule
2) Need for extreme flexibility and short advance notice
3) Last minute cancellation & changes
4) Price sensitivity
5) Upgrades to premium classes & seats issues.
6) Above all the Personal touch.

We understand and know these needs and special requests, we anticipate them and optimize our services accordingly.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,

Reem Greiver


Mr. Joseph Greiver (1910-1973)  walked towards his dream before WW II from his birth place Poland via Holland and Greece . With profound vision, in 1934 he established Palestine Travel Agency , among the first travel concerns. After the birth of the State of Israel, the agency became PATRA: the largest Travel Agency privately owned. Mr. Greiver was head of the family business until his demise.


Mrs. Yafa Greiver (1912-2009) came to Israel with her parents from Poland in 1932 and later married Joseph Greiver. The devoted wife and mother of 3, remembers the era of the British Mandate in Jerusalem and the struggle for an independent Jewish state. When her children were grown, she entered the office to assist with the new department that she created – Assistance for Tourists visiting Israel.



Mr. Gad Greiver entered the family business during school and army vacations and worked his way up through all the various departments until he took over the business just before Mr. Greiver's death in 1973. With his strong will, creative thinking and expertise he developed the business and brought it into the 21 st century, making PATRA a well reputed and profitable organization.

V.P Patra Tours


Mrs. Matilda Greiver made aliya to Israel from India and worked in PATRA as secretary to Mr. Joseph Greiver until his demise. The true storybook romance of secretary meeting and marrying the boss' son!!! She smoothed the way for Gad's takeover of the business and returned to house and home to bring up 6 children.
She reentered the business to expand the Cruise Industry that relies on PATRA for land arrangements in the Holy Land



Reem Greiver Greiver
Grew up in the business, lending a hand, together with his other siblings, during school, army and university vacations. After achieving a Tourism and Business BA from England , he returned to Israel and joined the family business. He is the 3 rd generation actively involved in the continuity of a family-run operation. He plays a strong role in defining PATRA's identity while reinforcing its reputation for stability and reliability. He has taken the Outgoing Department into the High-Tech era. Re'em Holds an M.B.A. from Bar Ilan University , Israel.