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Since you are not traveling alone, make sure you are on the same wavelength with your partner regarding these essential issues: budget and type of holiday.
Budget: you know that your trip will end up costing more than you had planned. That’s how it works with budgets. Still, you have to have a ballpark figure in mind. If you can afford to pay around $1,000 per ticket, you can consider a far- away destination. Europe if you are located in the US, Asia if you are in Europe, etc. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you’ll have to compromise between length of the trip and standard of hotel(s). Some people will prefer to stay a few nights in a 5* deluxe hotel and pay $1000 per night, while others will find this totally ridiculous and will choose to stay in cheaper hotels but for a longer period of time.
Type of holiday. Do you like nature, shopping, resting on the beach, walking? How important is the night life? Would you rather stay in one place or wander around the country? Would you like to be isolated? Would you rather stay in a quiet or a lively place? Answers to these questions will help you determine the type of holiday that will most suit you.
A few rules of thumb.
Isolated location => difficult to reach => more time spent on the journey to the hotel => more expensive => older people => no nightlife.
Of course there are exceptions but they are hard to find. Another rule to keep in mind: “you get what you pay for”. It is very difficult to find 5* hotels for the price of 3*. Not saying it’s impossible, just saying “good luck finding them”.

Beach Holiday- overview
French people say “To do the pancake” meaning to fry on one side and then to fry on the other side. In other words: to do nothing on the Beach. A beautiful white sand beach with turquoise sea is the typical image used to represent honeymoon. And it is an ideal type of holiday for two. There are many beautiful beach destinations but since my knowledge is limited and since I want to help you make a choice I have picked a few destinations. The following posts will each focus on an area or country famous for its beachside: Thailand, Maldives, Tahiti, Bali, Greek islands, Spanish Islands, South of France, Zanzibar, Hawaii, Mauritius, Seychelles, some Caribbean islands, Brazil.
Keep in mind that
– The further away you travel the more time you waste on the journey. There can be a difference of up to 4 days between the gross and the net length of your trip.
– Some destinations are expensive to reach but relatively cheap to stay (Thailand, Philippines, India).
– Some beach resorts are far from a main city/airport. You may not be able to get there on your arrival day. Check if night transfer is available, or at what time the last ferry leaves.
– Food on isolated beach resorts is usually expensive because of the transportation costs, and because of the lack of competition (restaurants nearby) example: Maldives. You should choose the Full board meal plan if it’s available, or All-inclusive meal plan if you enjoy alcoholic drinks (not worth it if you don’t drink). You also may want to pack some of your favorite snacks, just because they will probably be expensive/unavailable/nice to have.
– Do not expect wild nightlife in high-end or isolated beach resorts. If it’s important for you, pick your destination or hotel accordingly.
– If possible finish your beach holiday with two days in a large city, to do some shopping, visit and overall have the satisfaction that you did not get that far away just to lie down on a beach.
– If you’re staying in a large All Inclusive resort (in Mexico for example) pick a resort or an area in the resort that is adults only. You left your kids at home, you don’t need to suffer from other people’s.

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