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Honeymoon, Babymoon, Parentmoon: it’s always a good time to travel with your partner. Where to? Why? How long? How much? I hope I’ll help you answer these questions. Unfortunately I can’t help answer the “with whom” question. There are other sites for that.
Honeymoon: Indulge. It will probably be your only truly beautiful holiday. (Although many of you might have a second honeymoon, which in my opinion is a fair enough reason to get a divorce). The length of your honeymoon will mainly depend on your budget (as will be any wedding-related decision). The destination will depend on the kind of holiday you are looking for: do nothing on the beach, visit and learn, trek, eat and party, safari, etc. This is something I will discuss in upcoming posts.
Babymoon: Stay safe. You are pregnant. Avoid areas where vaccination is compulsory or that are difficult to reach. The destination you chose depends on the type of person you are. I’ve had clients who went to the Maldives for their babymoon, and others who stayed in a one-hour drive perimeter from their doctor. (If you do choose the Maldives, make sure the resort is close enough to Male, the capital, that it can be reached by speedboat day or night and not by sea plane only during daytime in good weather conditions.)
Parentmoon: Disconnect and re-bond. Leave your children at home and run away with your partner. The length of your parentmoon is proportional to the quality of your babysitter. Example: if your children are staying with your (loving, sweet, patient, and retired) parents, your parentmoon can last up to a week. If they are staying with your in-laws, it cannot last more than four days (kidding!). Length and destination of your parentmoon are less important than wifi access. Pick a place with no wifi! Do not skype or WhatsApp your children: they are doing fine, otherwise you would have been informed.
And now, my personal favorite one: the O2moon. When you feel you’re drowning and in desperate need of oxygen. Let’s say you have four children (enough said, you got the picture.) This is the easiest and most difficult kind of holiday. Easy because any hotel, B&B, empty friend’s apartment will do. Anywhere. Difficult because if you could leave children/work/stress behind for even one night, you would not be in this hysterical need of rest.

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