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Frequent Flyer Programs and Airline Alliances

As a frequent flyer, each time you fly, you accumulate points (and if you don't, change travel agent!). In theory, you can use these points to get free tickets or upgrades. But actually, only few people get these benefits. Most of the travelers do not use their points, whether because they don't know how to or because when they try, they are told that there are no available bonus tickets on their dates, or the cost of a ticket that allows for upgrade is almost as high as a business class ticket. 

At Patra Travel, we have the knowledge to make the most of your points, whether by finding bonus tickets on your preferred dates or by getting you tickets upgrades. In addition, we have a huge database of clients interested in buying points, and therefore, if you are not interested in a free ticket or upgrade, we can find you a buyer for your points.